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Server Administration
Related to server software configuration.
apache, nginx, mysql, monitoring, raid, vps, hosting, zabbix,

System Administration
Articles about how to configure working station.
linux, windows, gnome, grub,

Understanding and configuring your network, wireless connection, ip tunnels and more.
TCP/IP, LAN, wireless, ip tunnel, OSPF, SSL, routers, switches, cisco, juniper, wireshark, tcpdump,

Info Security
Learn how to secure your computer, server or network.
VPN, IPSec, Namespaces,


Website Development
Creating your own website? Check it first.
hosting service, domain name, VPS, VDS, dedicated server,

Before learning any programming language, basic computer science knowledge is recommended.
computer science, java, algorithms, golang, python

Machine Learning
Machine learning section comming soon…


Search Engine Optimization
Uploading website to the web, it’s like opening a shop in the middle of a desert. Promote it in search engines.
SEO, analytics, SEO audit, google, sitemap, meta tags,

Social Media Marketing
Promote your project in social media to get more leads.
SMM, youtube, video, facebook

Email Marketing
Is that method still effective? Let’s check. (comming soon)


Project Management
Every project to become successful has to be analyzed to reduce errors and risks, especially on development stage.
BPM, website management,